Market Selection

There are a number of reasons that might lead an exporter to trade with a particular overseas market; many people will want to offer advice on where the best opportunities might lie.

We can help you make an informed and rational decision about which countries to give priority. Using a straight-forward, objective and transparent methodology, one of the research consultants will guide you in the determination of the criteria to use. An online software program will plot the possible countries onto a two dimensional grid of ease and demand enabling you to decide where to focus your resources.

"The market selection support really clarified our thinking", explained Adam Briggs of Road Safety Support, "and helped us to focus so we could prioritise our time where it got results!"

"Clive really helped me to prioritise the countries we should target - before I was just going on intuition! It helped me formalise my thinking and justify this strategy to the rest of the Parafricta board" Dr Nick Garner
Click here to contact your nearest research consultant Market Selection analysis showing countries distributed by volume of UK imports and cultural similarity to the UK. The size of the bubble indicates the relative size of the economy.